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Last Chance for Hooded Sweatshirts

We’ve heard back from all our customers that ordered a “Craftsmanship is Risk” sweatshirt and everyone said they are delighted with their purchase. That means the extras we have from the print run are up for sale now. We don’t have many: 2 L, 2 XL, and 2 XXL. We will not be doing another run of these so if you were bummed you missed it the first time, this is your last opportunity. You can order yours here.  

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Last Call for Hoodies

  The month is almost over, folks, and that means that the purchasing window for the “Craftsmanship is Risk” hoodies is just about up. First thing Saturday morning I am emailing the total number of orders to Shannon and he is going to order only enough to fulfill these pre-orders. Then no one else will ever get one of these sweatshirts. That’s right… This is a one-time pre-order-only deal because Mike and I don’t want to keep boxes of hoodies around. (We may order a few more just in case of mistakes, but no promises.) If you are on the fence as to whether you were going to order one or not, you’ve got until Friday night to decide. In...

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T-Shirts Back in Stock!

 For those of you that have tried to order an indigo shirt the past few weeks only to find your size out of stock, good news: they’re back. These shirts have been pretty popular with folks. Besides appreciating the saying “We Plane. We Saw. We Conquer.” on the back, customers have been giving feedback that they really love the soft vintage feel of the shirts. I don’t personally wear t-shirts much but these might convert me. It almost feels like an old worn pair of jeans. I called the printer, Shannon Brantley (IG: @nubthumb) to ask him, “Why do these feel so nice?” He said that they are 4.3 oz rather than the standard 6 oz weight and also because...

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