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MORTISE & TENON MAGAZINE is a celebration of hand tools and traditional woodworking, seeking to bridge the worlds of furniture maker, conservator, and scholar. M&T is published twice a year. You can purchase a yearly subscription here or can order our latest issue (Issue Sixteen) here. This is not another typical woodworking magazine. There are no “7 Essential Router Tricks”, weekend DIY pocket screw projects, or ad-cluttered pages. M&T exists to showcase premier furniture artisans and scholars in an elegant and artful manner. The magazine is printed on uncoated thick paper with a minimalist photography-saturated aesthetic.
The passion to marry scholarship with craft practice imbues the publication with a unique voice in the world of woodworking media.


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“Be sure to order a copy. . . . It’s only $24 but contains a huge amount of coverage of traditional work that you won’t find anywhere else. And the physical object itself is gorgeous and worth keeping.” – Christopher Schwarz, author and woodworker

“[M&T is] a wonderful publication that succeeds so beautifully in documenting traditional furniture building and making it feel simultaneously timeless and meaningful in our modern day.” – George Sawyer, chairmaker

“Each article is written with such detail that it transforms you as if you were in the room with them. This magazine simply makes me want to be a better woodworker and artist.” – Greg Pennington, chairmaker 

“I think this magazine should be compulsory reading for any serious hobbyist woodworker. . . . I can't recommend it highly enough.” – Chris Vesper, toolmaker 

“To call Mortise & Tenon a magazine, is like calling the 42 line Gutenberg Bible a prayer booklet. You have created an outstanding publication. I love the Typography and design and the perfect binding with a scored cover.  I have been in the Printing Business for over 40 years, so I know when I see something beautiful. There certainly is a lot of meat in those pages….and all without ads! … Your publication is a gotta have.” – Gerhard Dreo