“Some people have asked me why Popular Woodworking would be a sponsor of someone else's magazine - and I say, in this case, why wouldn't we! … In some ways, it's the magazine I wish I could put out every two months - a heavy cover and thick, rich interior paper, oversized pages (and lots of them, 144 to be exact) and large photos, with a layout that feels appropriate for a museum journal (which in some ways, I think M&T is) … The work Joshua and his team are doing is important and exciting (and not available in any woodworking magazine you'll find on the newsstand)” – Megan Fitzpatrick, Popular Woodworking Magazine


The following are the businesses and individuals that sponsor M&T Issue Two.  Rather than inundate the magazine with loads of advertisements, we've decided to take a sponsorship model. This is a tasteful and unobtrusive way to highlight the mutual endorsement we share with all our Sponsors. The bottom line is: if someone is listed here it's because we support what they're doing and they support what we're doing. Everyone in this Directory has been hand selected for high quality and high integrity business practice. These folks share our vision to celebrate historic furniture making and offer tools, training, and inspiration to aid your creative life.

The Sponsors will be featured in in two places: Here at our Web Directory and in a Sponsor Directory at the end of each print issue. The Web Directory will be available all throughout the year until the following issue is released. Sponsorship opportunities are closed for Issue Two but Issue Three sponsorship will open summer 2017. If you would like more information about becoming a sponsor please email us at sponsorships@mortiseandtenonmag.com

If you are looking for recommendations of suppliers or makers, we recommend you look here first. We happily endorse and support these companies and hope you will too.



Our Mission is to design and create beautiful, heirloom quality, hand tools that inspire woodworkers and other artisans. Through exceptional support and education, our customers receive the same personal attention we put into our tools.



P.O. Box 9
Warren, ME 04864

(800) 327-2520 


We make saws as they would have appeared fresh out of a 19th Century American sawmaker's shop, only you're in the driver's seat when it comes to how you want the saw trimmed out and tuned to your exact requirements.



(608) 520-0729


Maker and purveyor of both 18th century reproduction furniture and traditional woodworking bench tools, the latter of which are produced in small batches using time honored techniques and tools, with planned emphasis in the future on side escapement moulding planes.



PO Box 5004
Lancaster, PA 17606


The Barn is the place I strive to rediscover the methods of historic furniture-related craftsmanship, and to explore new ways of interpreting them for the the present and the future.  Those applications range from methods of working especially with decorative surfaces (finishes and veneer-work primarily)  to recreating or re-interpreting traditional forms.




The Unplugged Woodshop is hand tools and inspiration, education and design. Inspiring you to slow down and work smarter with your hands and heart.



Toronto, Canada



My online video school teaches a variety of traditional woodcarving techniques, focusing on period furniture details and classical ornamentation. To keep the instruction fresh and unique, a new HD video is added every week.



(843) 200-9469


An 18th Century European Tradition.  With modern research methods, the optimum formula for this age old recipe has been developed, thus eliminating the need to prepare and cook animal protein glue in a hot glue pot.  Old Brown Glue is the perfect glue for antique restoration, veneer work and lamination, instruments and chair making, as well as modern woodworking.




A family-owned business, Highland Woodworking has served woodworkers with fine tools and education since 1978. Always committed to quality and value, Highland is well known for providing reliable advice on the purchase and use of woodworking tools.



(800) 241-6748


"Finest Hand Tools for all Woodworkers.  Made by hand in Australia since 1998 with unerring quality, Vesper Tools specializes in the foundation tools of precision measuring and marking for your woodworking pleasure."


"Shipped all over the world." 

Melbourne, Australia


With a focus on producing tools that are not readily available today, Walke Moore Tools is committed to designing and manufacturing the highest quality hand tools available using only the finest materials.



Upstate New York


Premium Online Video education providing inspiration and learning on traditional hand tool woodworking. High quality entertaining production, bringing you a sense of pace and work flow as well as instruction on the methods. Full support and project drawings included. Follow our blog for frequent hand tool tips and discussions.



Lincolnshire - England


The Hand Tool School is a virtual woodworking school started in 2010 dedicated to doing things "the hard way" by teaching fundamental hand tool skills that make better woodworkers.  But the school is more than just a collection of pretty videos.  It is a structured curriculum of skill lessons, applied projects to practice and refine those skills, and final projects designed to bring everything together.





RareWoods.US offers over 165 different types of exotic woods through its internet based eBay store.  Specializing in African Blackwood, Pink Ivory-wood to the rarest Rosewoods from every corner of the globe.  Offering below market prices with deep shipping discounts to better serve the customer.  The owner Travis Knapp is also an experienced woodworker combining his knowledge of craft with wood expertise to help his customers choose the best products.




Learn How. Discover Why. Build Better. Through our magazine, books, videos, online education and more, Popular Woodworking inspires and educates furniture makers of all skill levels with a broad range of historical and contemporary tool and technique instruction, projects and more, from some of today’s best-known woodworkers.




Sterling Tool Works is inspired by artisans that create fine work.  Our vision is to bring highly refined tools to market that are both beautiful, functional  and therefore, inspire and enable artisans to produce their very best work.




Olde Mill has been dedicated for many years to the pursuit of authentic, historically correct execution of fine period 18th century American furniture, encompassing historic finishing supplies and techniques as well as period construction details, tools and techniques and measured drawings. Small class instruction covers a wide range of instructors, techniques, historic tool use and actual student project construction.



1660 Camp Betty Washington Road
York, PA  17402


The Woodwright's School is a place devoted to the powerful pleasures of hand tool woodworking! Learn from instructors Roy Underhill, Bill Anderson, Elia Bizzarri, and more.


89 A Hillsboro St,
Pittsboro, NC


Please check out our website for information and to join. Our meetings are one of the best places to find the hand tools you are looking for, as well as folks who know the history behind them.



Fine vises for traditional workbenches, bench appliances from the golden age of woodworking and unique tools for the modern hand tool enthusiast. Entirely made in the US of A.




Makers of hand-crafted woodworker's mallets and birdcage awls.  The mallets feature USA-made steel heads in 1 and 1½ lb. weights and distinctive handles individually turned from the best figured domestic and imported hardwoods.  The birdcage awls employ a twisted steel shaft hand-forged from O1 steel sharpened on four sides to a keen point. The distinctively shaped awl handles are hand turned from highly-figured domestic and imported hardwoods.




Addington Furniture: Recreating and teaching 17th & 18th century furniture and marquetry.




Lee Valley and Veritas® are Canadian family-owned businesses that have been supplying high quality woodworking, gardening and home products since 1978.



1- 800-267-8735

Our mission is to inspire a lifelong passion for craftsmanship through education in woodworking and traditional building trades. Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we offer weekend, week-long and intensive classes taught by expert woodworkers and educators. As one alum put it: “Skilled instructors, sharp tools and a to-die-for location.”



Society of American Period Furniture Makers: dedicated to the understanding, education, and appreciation of American period furniture.




Forge de Saint Juery is the home of Auriou Toolworks in south-west France where they free forge tools for artists for the precision shaping of wood, stone & plaster. Auriou are world famous for the quality and performance of their hand stitched rasps & rifflers in particular but also make a fine range of carving and guilding tools.



The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts is dedicated to excellence in the art of classical woodworking techniques and functional contemporary furniture design and construction. We have a program designed to teach the traditional woodworking techniques that have for centuries proven successful in building the worlds masterpieces. Full-time, nights, weekends & summer programs available.



Specialist in period upholstery treatments using traditional materials and techniques; hybrid and minimally intrusive treatments for both new and heirloom pieces. Classes in upholstery offered at Marc Adams School of Woodworking and Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking and by appointment.



Londonderry Brasses, Ltd. offers a wide selection of fine brass reproduction furniture hardware. Each piece is a direct lost wax casting of a period original which preserves the wonderful irregular surfaces and minor imperfections of the original, giving our brasses an unequaled authenticity. We also have a large selection of wool baize and offer 6/0 steel wool. We welcome custom casting orders.



For over 40 years, Fine Woodworking has been providing the most trusted and highest quality information on every aspect of the woodworking craft. Experienced and respected woodworkers share their extensive knowledge with an audience of all skill levels, whether they are novices or advanced woodworkers building the most challenging projects.

Our mission is to inspire by providing valuable content with complete, step-by-step, useful information for every facet of woodworking in an engaging, inspirational, and user-friendly presentation.


Kennebec Saws provides both handsaw restoration services and the sale of vintage handsaws that are restored, sharpened and ready for use. Whether you buy a fully restored saw, have an old family saw or make a new purchase of a vintage saw, Kennebec Saws is your one stop saw shop. 





Building on a lifelong love for the vocabulary of Windsor chairs and the simple elegance of the Shaker style, Greg both builds, & teaches the best in true American furniture. Home harvested lumber & classic hand tools are the core of the Pennington philosophy. The hand-built, timber framed studio/classroom provides an intimate, warm and inspiring setting to hone your skills or add new ones.






George Sawyer is a second-generation chair maker, continuing the work of his father, David Sawyer. Located in Northern Vermont, Sawyer Made specializes in traditional Windsor chairs and offers one-on-one instruction that includes splitting, carving and turning, to craft a chair that will last for generations.






The Southwest School of Woodworking is the only comprehensive woodworking school in Arizona. We are dedicated to the preservation of our craft. We stress traditional hand tool techniques, machine tools are also introduced to round out the experience. Classes run from the beginner to advanced.





The Liberty Tool Co. is the largest branch of the Jonesport Wood Company, which also has locations in Hulls Cove (The Tool Barn) and Searsport (Captain Tinkham's Emporium). The Davistown Museum is a regional art and history museum that contains artwork and artifacts that chronicle tools and the impact they have on the individuals and societies using them. 
(207) 589-4771

Plate 11 Workbench Company makes Roubo workbenches, tool chests, shavehorses and any other piece of shop woodwork you see their Instagram feed (@markbuildsit). Mark also teach classes in his shop and loves making chairs.