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Both Practical and Personal

A genuine love of wood needs to be both practical and personal. It is necessary for the studio because of the kind of paint used to create the icons. Like so much of what is done here, the paint used is locally produced and looks to fulfill the land rather than extract from it. It is called egg tempera, a combination of pigments made from the rocks and plants around the studio and egg yolk from our little flock of chickens. When properly prepared and applied, it is a durable paint that does not yellow and gives luminosity to the color. However, once cured, it dries to an inflexible state that would quickly crack and flake off a flexible surface,...

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Only a Few Hours Left…

  At midnight tonight, the $5 coupon for each of our courses is set to expire. If you want to get The Makers’ Marks with the advantage of this deal (i.e. $14), sign up for a month of the Dispatch, grab the coupon code, and purchase your courses before the clock strikes 12:00. We are grateful for all the feedback we’ve gotten on The Maker’s Marks so far. Looking forward to hearing from more of you as you interact with the craftsmanship of the past examined in this new course. -Joshua  

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Better For It

As Mike and I discussed in our most recent podcast episode, this past weekend, we hosted a handful of M&T Apprenticeship alum in our rural Maine woodshop for our first annual “summit” gathering. We had students (and their spouses and children) travel from all around the US to discuss craftsmanship, make shavings, and feast together. It was a beautiful thing. The world being what it is, we haven’t hosted a gathering for 3 years (our Issue Seven packing party was the last). Once the covid panic calmed down, we were already well underway with our house project and couldn’t take on any more commitments. Needless to say, we had been looking forward to this summit for quite some time. We...

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