How many issues do you publish per year?

For these first few issues, M&T will be published once a year. We often hear, “So it’s more like a book, then?” Some prefer to call it a “journal”. Sure. Call it what you will. We are working toward publishing twice a year starting with Issue Three.

Are there subscriptions to sign up for, then?

No. Each issue is sold individually. If you are looking for notifications of upcoming releases, follow us on social media or sign up for our mailing list.

Do you ship internationally (outside USA)?

Yes, we do ship worldwide. We also have decided to partner with stockists around the globe to distribute M&T to our readers at a more economical shipping rate. You can refer to the Stockist List here.

Do you take article submissions?

Although we appreciate the enthusiasm to contribute to the magazine, we are not taking unsolicited submissions from readers. We already have an overwhelming amount of exciting content and are concentrating all our time on developing that.

Why don’t you do tool or product reviews?

Tool and product reviews are not our thing. We focus our time on learning about preindustrial work methods, not the latest greatest new tools.  We recommend you look in our Sponsor Directory. These are the hand-selected businesses that we whole heartedly endorse.

Will you be publishing the magazine digitally as well as print?

We feel strongly that digital media, although useful for rapid content dissemination, doesn't have the timelessness that high quality print does.  This magazine has grown out of a blog into a more mature and blossomed state and we want to celebrate that. Our goal is to provide our readers a personal and engaging reading experience that disposable digital media cannot. As such, we will not be offering digital versions of the magazine.

How do I download the video I purchased?

After your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with a link leading to your streaming and download content. For videos, the download link is the name of the mp4 file right above the streaming video. Click that link and your download will begin.

How many times can I watch the streaming or downloaded video?

There is no limit on the number of times you can watch your video and the link will not expire. Once purchased, it’s yours forever.