Last Call for Hoodies


The month is almost over, folks, and that means that the purchasing window for the “Craftsmanship is Risk” hoodies is just about up. First thing Saturday morning I am emailing the total number of orders to Shannon and he is going to order only enough to fulfill these pre-orders. Then no one else will ever get one of these sweatshirts. That’s right… This is a one-time pre-order-only deal because Mike and I don’t want to keep boxes of hoodies around. (We may order a few more just in case of mistakes, but no promises.) If you are on the fence as to whether you were going to order one or not, you’ve got until Friday night to decide.

In other news… If you are waiting to get a t-shirt of the same design, there is good news: Shannon said he put them in the mail this weekend. Unless they fall into a USPS black hole, we expect to add the new shirts to our store later this week. We’ve got three new classy and subtle color options this time. Stay tuned for the new shirts this week.

We are super excited about the design. We think highlighting the “workmanship of risk” paradigm is something that our readers appreciate. We’re really not interested in stepping on anyone’s toes with our singular focus on hand tools, but frankly, power tools simply don’t excite us. Although we appreciate the regularity and economy that machinery provides in industrial production contexts, but we just aren’t interested in bringing that into our workshops.

We embrace and celebrate the risk inherent in the craft process. The excitement that comes when the result is determined by the maker’s skill and dexterity in cooperation with the material is why we got into this craft in the first place. We thought the shirt should declare it.

You can order your hoodie here


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