T-Shirts Back in Stock!

 For those of you that have tried to order an indigo shirt the past few weeks only to find your size out of stock, good news: they’re back. These shirts have been pretty popular with folks. Besides appreciating the saying “We Plane. We Saw. We Conquer.” on the back, customers have been giving feedback that they really love the soft vintage feel of the shirts. I don’t personally wear t-shirts much but these might convert me. It almost feels like an old worn pair of jeans.

I called the printer, Shannon Brantley (IG: @nubthumb) to ask him, “Why do these feel so nice?” He said that they are 4.3 oz rather than the standard 6 oz weight and also because it 100% “combed” cotton. Apparently “combing” is a further refinement step in the carding process which removes the short fibers that make a coarser texture. After the combing process, all that’s left are the finer, longer fibers that give you a nice soft feel desirable for any cotton that will be close to the skin. It’s also a bit stronger without the short fibers. All in all, people have been telling me that their M&T shirts are their favorites. Now, I am biased but I think I agree. You will too.

Check out the store to order: M&T “Artisan” T-Shirts

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