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The Power and Beauty of the Tangible

This past week, our inventory of Issue Two completely ran out. Besides the small pile we have stashed away for the future, it’s gone for good. If you have not purchased a copy of Issue Two, I’m sorry to say it is now too late. But just like with Issue One, we’re already getting emails asking for it. As disappointing as that may be, the finitude and uniqueness of print media is part of what is so beautiful about it, just like other tangible things. We cherish the unique and special, not the mundane and ubiquitous.

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One Week Left to Pre-order Issue Four

Just got this photo from the printer… Issue Four is hot off the presses! Today they’re loaded in cartons and will begin making their way from Wisconsin to our storage facility in Maine. We’ve arranged for them to arrive next week several days before the big packing party on Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 24th where we (with a handful of readers’ help) will wrap them in brown paper, affix the wax-sealed trade cards, and mail them out. Because we’re shipping these out next week, you only have one week left to pre-order. To get a wrapped copy of Issue Four, you can purchase a yearly subscription or order Issue Four individually. After next Wednesday, March 21st, the pre-order...

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