Taking Our Work to the Next Level

For those who seek to continually grow in their craft, production work isn’t something to be afraid of or to avoid. It may seem contradictory to think that repetition can open us up to new experiences, but it does. It also helps us to solidify the traits and characteristics that we need to take our work to the next level. It is when we refine our processes as craftspeople that we can increase our level of professional maturity. Production work develops our physical skills through practice and repetition, and helps us find inspiration when we reflect on the process of even the simplest task. Most importantly, production methods tune our mental state with focus, right attitude, and observation. All these characteristics and experiences continuously build our confidence and well-being, animating our ability to design and make great things. The quest for mastery never ends.

–Jarrod Dahl, excerpt from “The Quest for Mastery Through Production Work” in Issue Four


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