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Make an Omelet from a Tree

It’s Greenwood Week in the Mortise & Tenon Apprenticeship Program, and our students from around the world have been felling trees with axes, riving, hewing, and carving their woodworking projects! In our Apprenticeship Forums, there’s been a lot of discussion about different greenwood projects that we can do. One of my favorites is making balsam whisks. I use balsam fir for these because it’s the most prevalent conifer in our woods, and because it’s super easy to find nice, symmetrical whorls. Five or six branchlets is ideal, and hunting for just the right whorl is half the fun. After finding a few good whorls, I bring them home, peel them, and bind them to dry a bit. This step helps...

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“Apprenticeship: Greenwood” Now Available!

  Yeeesss!!! Mike’s new instructional video Apprenticeship: Greenwood is now in our store for immediate streaming and download! We are also offering a DVD version, but please note that those are still in production and will not be shipping for at least a few weeks. Mike’s been working his tail off on the production of this third installment in our Apprenticeship series for the past couple months, and the filming has taken place over the past few years. (We wanted to cover all four seasons.) He’s made an incredible film that we are delighted to be offering to you all. It’s not only a totally new type of content from us (working outdoors, bucksaws, shaving horses, using carving knives, steam bending,...

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