Go to the Materials

A further advantage is that the drawknife can be used almost anywhere – I can fit the template, drawknife, vise, and auger to affix the vise into a backpack and walk to wherever I want to work. This simplicity replicates the work practices of the Jimmy Possum chairmakers, and also allows me to go to the materials rather than having them come to me. In a time when there were no automobiles to transport materials, it was much easier to bring back lighter finished components (as the bodgers did) than to transport the heavy timber to a workshop or factory to process. The model of production that is stationed at the source of the materials circumvents the pin-balling of modern furniture production, in which materials and finished products bounce around the globe before finally arriving to the consumer.

­–Dr. Mike Epworth, excerpt from “The Drawknife & the Butterfly Effect,” in Issue Eleven


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