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Floodgates Open

The Daily Dispatch has been live for less than a week and already there’s a steady flow of discussion and sharing. If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know that we’ve always loved finding ways to share handcraft content with as many people as possible. For a while, we did the social media thing (until we just couldn’t take it anymore), so we shifted all that energy to the blog (which has been awesome). We’ve loved blogging so much, that each week’s slots fill up so fast. Because of all that’s going on around here, we have so much overflow content that isn’t being shared. Also, we’ve enjoyed using video as a medium for teaching. Now we have...

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Brand New: The M&T Daily Dispatch

There is so much material Mike and I want to share with our readers, but to put it frankly, we’ve realized that we just don’t have enough hours in our lives to do it all. Over the years, we’ve amassed piles of antique tools and furniture, examples of ingenious workmanship, and a huge library of obscure craft-themed books that are full of information found nowhere on the internet. We’ve come up with loads of random shop tips and it seems like most days we stumble across a roadside treasure or an interesting historic craft insight. Not to mention the daily occurrences in our woods and homesteads. But writing blog posts or recording entire podcast episodes about all this stuff we...

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