Floodgates Open

The Daily Dispatch has been live for less than a week and already there’s a steady flow of discussion and sharing. If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know that we’ve always loved finding ways to share handcraft content with as many people as possible. For a while, we did the social media thing (until we just couldn’t take it anymore), so we shifted all that energy to the blog (which has been awesome). We’ve loved blogging so much, that each week’s slots fill up so fast. Because of all that’s going on around here, we have so much overflow content that isn’t being shared. Also, we’ve enjoyed using video as a medium for teaching. Now we have a great place to share it all.

Since the Dispatch launched last week, we’ve been posting multiple times per day. We’re emphasizing furniture, tools, and shop tips, but we also throw in behind-the-scenes kind of stuff that’s never really surfaced.

These posts have inspired discussion in the comments section, especially the video I did about how to choose a wooden handplane. The Dispatch format enables me to shoot from the hip and share everything I know in a steady stream of daily content. Even the furniture history lessons have been a blast to put together.

Now that it’s underway, we are confident that the Dispatch is not only here to stay but it is going to become a crucial M&T resource. After years of experimenting with different mediums that could complement our print publishing, we think the Dispatch is a perfect fit.

So, if you’ve been wondering what this “Daily Dispatch” thing is all about – Is this some side novelty? Is this just an add-on to the blog? Is this merely the M&T guys’ random rambling? – the answer is “not at all.” The Dispatch is shaping up to be a serious flow of information with lots of follow-up discussion. At the Dispatch, Mike and I are available. What do you want to know?

So, to put it plainly, if you’re into M&T, you’re going to want to be following the Dispatch. It’s the smallest investment we offer and is looking to become one of our richest woodworking resources: $5/month for full access to everything we’ve posted. Cancel anytime – no hard feelings.

You’re missing lots of good stuff.

– Joshua


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