Brand New: The M&T Daily Dispatch

There is so much material Mike and I want to share with our readers, but to put it frankly, we’ve realized that we just don’t have enough hours in our lives to do it all. Over the years, we’ve amassed piles of antique tools and furniture, examples of ingenious workmanship, and a huge library of obscure craft-themed books that are full of information found nowhere on the internet. We’ve come up with loads of random shop tips and it seems like most days we stumble across a roadside treasure or an interesting historic craft insight. Not to mention the daily occurrences in our woods and homesteads.

But writing blog posts or recording entire podcast episodes about all this stuff we come across would take lifetimes. If we could share it in a looser, less formal way, we could publish at a steady clip. So, the question is: how can we share it all and still get at least a few hours of sleep each day?

Mike and I have been scratching our heads to come up with a way we can open the floodgates. It would need to be informal, unedited, unfiltered. A raw, behind-the-scenes stream of content.

After some reflection and research, we’ve decided to launch The Mortise & Tenon Daily Dispatch. We’re posting at least once per weekday. It is a mix of video, text, and photos focusing on content such as shop tips, historic furniture sleuthing, book recommendations, sneak previews of forthcoming M&T content, and M&T behind-the-scenes material.

We’ve decided that rather than posting this stuff into the bottomless abyss that is social media, we wanted to use a platform that was free of advertising, algorithms, and all the social drama. The Patreon platform does exactly what we need.

And we’ve set the price super low: $5 per month to get this steady diet of pre-industrial handcraft information. There are no premium tiers and no long-term commitments. You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time you like. Just know that we’ll be keeping this content flow steady, so if this kind of stuff is up your alley, you might want to stay tuned each day. I have a feeling that trying to catch up might be like drinking from the fire hose.


We already have over a week’s worth of content uploaded for you to check out. Enjoy, friends.

This is going to be fun.

– Joshua


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