Issue Six: Western & Japanese Edge Tools

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There is a common perspective in the West that finds a sense of mystique hovering over Japanese woodworking tools. The differing techniques needed to master their use (from the way a tool is held and pulled across a board, to the process of sharpening hollow-back, laminated irons) only serve to increase the intimidation factor for those of us saturated in the Western tool tradition. But author Wilbur Pan throws open the curtains to take a matter-of-fact look at what truly makes Japanese tools different – and how they might share more commonalities with traditional Western tools than you might think.

Beginning with the metallurgy of early blades and an examination of period forging techniques, we’ll see how the common ancestry of these tools diverged into the different forms we see today because of the greater influence of the Industrial Revolution on the tool-manufacturing practices of America and Europe.


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