Issue Six: The Radical Efficiency of Green Woodworking

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What we call “green woodworking” today carried no such particular distinction, historically – the work of vernacular woodcraft naturally began with the tree in the forest. Join author Michael Updegraff as he looks at the close connection that makers of the past had with the raw materials they worked, and the practical benefits that can be gained today by approaching wood not just as a dimensioned-and-dried material to be purchased at a lumberyard or home center, but as the living thing that it is.

From comparing the efficiency of the human body in carrying out woodworking tasks often relegated to machines (your 4-point ripsaw is more economical than you might believe), to looking at the advantages of a shortened supply chain when it comes to tools and materials, we’ll see how the knowledge of the past regarding the properties of green wood can be used in the 21st century to work more efficiently, enjoyably, and sustainably. We will find a greater appreciation both for the wood we work and the forest where it grows.

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