Issue Six is Here!

Look at what we’ve got: Issue Six has arrived at our storage facility! This means we’re now getting close to shipment to customers – we’ve got one week, in fact, to get ready for the big packing party. Monday, April 1st, after the weekend-long packing, we will be driving a full truck to the Post Office. (Joel, our awesome Postmaster, here at our tiny Blue Hill Post Office arranges for a special truck to be ready to receive our massive deliveries. Joel’s the best.)

Our printer has been dialing in the printing of each issue better and better and this one is the best yet. I won’t get into the technical details, but basically, the premium uncoated paper (70# Finch Opaque) we use for this does not receive ink the same way conventional coated paper does – it actually allows it to soak into the paper a bit instead of sitting on top. This gives it the beautiful, warm look we’re after. Suffice to say, this kind of paper adds a whole new dimension to printing and our printer has each time been making micro adjustments to dial it in for maximum crispness while still retaining the depth of color and warmth of the uncoated look. We couldn’t be happier with the way Issue Six looks. They nailed it.

This time, for the first time ever, I was able to sit down and read the printed magazine and enjoy it without my editorial glasses on. In all honesty, I am more excited about this issue than any previous. And I’m confident you will be too.

Fair warning: If you haven’t yet pre-ordered, there is less than one week left. After Tuesday, March 26th, Issue Six will no longer be offered with the free domestic shipping and brown-paper wrapping and wax-sealed trade card that all come with all subscriptions and pre-orders.

Hang tight! It’s coming soon!




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