Issue Six: A Windsor Chair Called "Henry" - Nathaniel Brewster

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Sometimes a chair is more than a chair. Sometimes, it makes a statement about time and place that transcends the substance of humbly painted wood. Author Nathaniel Brewster takes a look at such a chair - an 18th-century New England Windsor that he affectionately dubs “Henry.” As he explores the possible origins of this particularly unique creation, Nathaniel looks at the period design elements that can sometimes come together to create something special.

Every maker decides to embrace or throw off convention to degrees, but the right balance is needed to form a lasting impression and avoid the opposing compositional dead-ends of dullness and superfluity. In considering the revolutionary times in which Henry was created, we will gain a better sense of how the winds of our own experience can help shape the furniture we build, and can leave a singular legacy for those that come after us.


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