Hot off the Press: The “Build For Ever” T-shirt


I know you were hoping that the new “Build For Ever” sticker we just came out with would be our new T-shirt design.

It is. And it is the most intense shirt we’ve made to date.

This vintage-black tee features a rigorously bearded Joseph, patron saint of hand hewing (among other things), swinging an axe next to a handful barely clothed woodchip-collecting cherubs. Framing the scene are a few words – “Build For Ever” – from one of our favorite quotes from John Ruskin in which he exhorts artisans to build in a way that will outlast them. The shirt’s back features the entire quote: “When we build, let us think that we build for ever.” We LOVE this stinkin shirt! Triple Stamp Press did such a crisp job. Top-notch work.

The T-shirts are available now for $25. We also have a women’s cut available.


The “Build For Ever” Hoodie

And because of our forward-thinking marketing expertise, we are celebrating the current heat wave by counterintuitively opening pre-orders for a “Build For Ever” pullover hoodie. If you’ve been shivering in your air-conditioned workshop, wishing you had something that would inspire you to make shavings, this hoodie is your answer. 

We are taking pre-orders for this hoodie now through Sunday, July 25th and will print only enough to fulfill those orders – these will not be an in-stock item. These hoodies are pre-order only and are $50 each.

We hope you enjoy this new shirt as much as Joseph enjoys that axe.

– Joshua


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