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That is All You Need in Life, Isn’t It?

M&T: Were you learning new skills there or were you simply applying knowledge you already had?  RU: Well, I taught myself blasting out there. I had the Whole Earth Catalog, and there was a review in there of a book on blasting. I didn’t have the book but I had this photo of the open book, a left and right page. I read that and thought “Oh, that’s all I need to know.” I went down to Santa Fe and bought a case of dynamite for $35. I had to fill out a form for it, and the fellow just told me “Check this, check that. OK, now sign.” That was the way it went: just like that I had...

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Podcast 65 – “Handworks 2023”

  In this episode, Joshua and Mike reflect on their time at Handworks, quite possibly the single most significant hand-tool woodworking event in the world. Part travelogue, part update, part rumination, this episode traverses a range of topics. If you weren’t there, you really missed out. SHOW NOTES: Issue Fifteen Handworks Ed Bouvier, Village Woodwright Colonial Homestead Jordan Goodwin, Blacksmith Jason Lonon, Blacksmith Mortise & Tenon Apprenticeship Program  

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Join us For a Weeklong Theological Woodworking Crash Course

As a part of our partnership with Greystone in the Mechanical Arts Program, to kick off the program, we are launching the first class at our shop in Maine next month: October 16-20. This will be somewhat of a beta launch as it is somewhat of a new format for us. We have all the tools you’ll need, so you can bring nothing but an open mind and heart. Greystone’s founder Mark Garcia along with staff Jessica Doerfel and Tess Meyer will also be here to take the five-day class as well, so if you listened through the podcast episodes that we did last year (listed at the bottom of this page) and wanted to experience this kind of thing for...

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