A little over a week ago, woodworker and YouTube hero Rex Krueger kindly welcomed us onto his Patreon channel for a “Workbench Sessions” shop tour and Q&A. Mike and I had a great time sharing in the ins and outs of our woodshop and typical working arrangements. I think we hit all the essential features of the space, including our sole woodworking machine. (Can you guess what it is?)

I’m sure those of you who regularly haunt the YouTube woodworking scene already know how successful Rex has been at championing human-centered woodworking. He builds all kinds of furniture, investigates antique pieces, and has even ventured down the green woodworking rabbit hole. Rex markets his instruction to beginners, and he has quite a variety of material to digest.

Mike and I would like to thank Rex for having us on. It’s always wonderful to connect with another likeminded craftsman. We look forward to next time.

– Joshua


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