Wrapping for Pre-orders Only

Beginning with Issue Three, we will only be doing the brown paper and wax-sealed trade cards for subscriptions and pre-orders. After this issue’s pre-order window has closed, the magazine will be mailed naked in a rigid mailer. If this special wrapping is important to you, please know that the only way to get this is to purchase a yearly subscription or pre-order the issue

Although I never would have anticipated this, these trade cards have become collectibles. Many readers have emailed us pictures of the cards proudly displayed in their shops. Since every new issue will feature a new trade card designed just for that issue, I can picture folks 10 years from now boasting that they have every single trade card since the beginning! Ha! That would be awesome. 

Because we don’t want anyone bummed to miss out, we will be repeating this message until pre-orders close at the end of September. We know there are going to be customers that will email us the week after we stop wrapping to ask why theirs isn’t wrapped. Don’t let it be you.

This change also applies to Issues One and Two. We will continue to wrap every single copy of those two that we sell until late September. At that point, we’ll never again wrap Issues 1-3. If you want a wrapped copy of Issues One or Two, time is running out.

To make sure that we’re as clear as possible, from here on out, we’re probably going to refer to this as our “Pre-order wrapping” or something like that.

The best way to guarantee you never want to miss out on any issue is to purchase a yearly subscription. Then you know you’re all set.

Tonight, at the strike of midnight, yearly subscriptions, Issue Three pre-orders, and our new eBook will be available on our store. Hang tight, folks!


- Joshua


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