The Issue Fifteen Cover


After the past two weeks of blog announcements of the Issue Fifteen table of contents, it’s time to unveil the cover. This cover captures a pre-assembly moment of the breadboard ends of the hutch table I built for this issue. The breadboards of this table are nailed onto the end grain of tabletop between its tenons. This is how it was commonly done throughout history. The nails Is used are reclaimed cut nails, whose pitted texture ensures they will hold like the dickens for at least a couple centuries.

We’re excited to be publishing these articles. We’ve again reached far and wide to bring you fresh and inspiring articles. Some people assume that because Mike and I are into “old tools,” we’re obsessed with everything Colonial American. Though we’re Americans and proud to be part of that heritage, our research interests are more about exploring the breadth of pre-industrial wood craft knowledge. This journey always takes us around the world in pursuit of skilled hands. This issue introduces us to craftsmanship from not only England and New England, but also Romania, Hawaii, Suriname, Tasmania, and Germany. For the 15th time, we are able to see the amazing caliber and quantity of work that was done before industrialization cultures. We’re endlessly fascinated with this stuff.

Wonder what I mean? Check out the table of contents:

“Ambulance for Monuments: Saving Romanian Heritage” – Dragoș Nuță

“Making the Versatile Hutch Table” – Joshua A. Klein

“The Traveling ‘Ukulele” – Aaron Keim

“Accustomed to Handle the Hammer: The Nail Making Specialty in Pre-industrial Manufacture” – Kenneth Schwarz

“The Red & the Black: Snakewood & Early American Furniture” – Gerald W.R. Ward

“Resolute Care: An Examination of an Early-19th Century Pine Standing Desk”

“Few & Far Between: Making Gate Hurdles” – Michael Updegraff

“Sheraton’s Red Oil: Experiments in Historic Finishes” – David Bayne

“The Peddle Chair: The Journey to Intuitive Work” – Jon Grant

“Book Recommendation: Hermann Phelps’ The Craft of Log Building” – Will Lisak


So, come along with us and celebrate timeless craftsmanship. Get your own copy of this issue hot off the press this September by signing up for your subscription now. The cutoff to get this issue is only a couple weeks away. 



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