“The First Three Issues” Has Landed


At looong last, The First Three Issues, our hardbound republication of Issues 1-3 has arrived from the printer, and holy smokes is it gorgeous. This thing is hefty… heftier than we even envisioned. And in a totally glorious way. The title and wax seal on the dustjacket are embossed (raised) and glossy and pop right off the cover photograph. But Mike C swears the die stamp on the cloth is even more beautiful. In my mind, it’s a toss-up. Either way, this thing is impressive.

The book is nearly 500 pages in length and flipping through it is quite an experience. I have to confess that it overwhelmed me to see all that we were able to publish in these first three issues. This tome has a ton of information about period handwork that can be found nowhere else.

Some have asked us if it would it be worth buying this book if they already owned those issues, and the answer is, yes, weve added loads of stuff to make it unique. Besides the beautiful binding job, the book was printed on matte-coated paper, which gives a totally fresh perspective on these articles. We have also included several new essays recounting the behind-the-scenes circus here at Mortise & Tenon. Lastly, we’ve included a comprehensive index to guide the reader by topic. We made sure to make this was fresh take worth having.

All in all, we are over the moon with this production. Signature Printing pulled out all the stops to make sure this thing was top shelf material. We believe The First Three Issues is an enthralling immersion into the world of pre-industrial handcraft.

Grace and Mike C (along with their kiddos) have now begun shipping this behemoth. Their living room is completely overrun by this book, and the regular trips to the post office are taxing their vehicles. (Thank Grace at our “info@” email, if you get a chance.) If you’ve pre-ordered this title, know it’s coming your way ASAP. If you haven’t yet ordered it, you can get yours here.

Thank you for all your patience, folks. I can assure you that it was completely worth the wait. We are so proud of this book and look forward to getting you your copy.

Hang tight. This behemoth is coming.

– Joshua


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