“The First Three Issues” Book
“The First Three Issues” Book
“The First Three Issues” Book
“The First Three Issues” Book
“The First Three Issues” Book
“The First Three Issues” Book
“The First Three Issues” Book
“The First Three Issues” Book
“The First Three Issues” Book
“The First Three Issues” Book

“The First Three Issues” Book

$ 55.00

A hardbound republication of the Issues 1-3 with additional essays from M&T editors Michael Updegraff, Jim McConnell, and Joshua A. Klein.

Foreword by Christopher Schwarz of Lost Art Press. 

496 pages, matte-coated paper, sewn binding. Printed in the USA.


Issue One 

“The Mortise & Tenon Magazine Manifesto” – Joshua A. Klein

“Imbued With Story: An Interview with Jon Brandon, Furniture Conservator”

“On Period Craftsmanship: An Interview with Phil Lowe, Furniture Maker”

“Analysis of a Federal Boston Secretary”

“Rural Refinement: Recreating the Parson’s Card Table” – Joshua A. Klein

“The Objects Reveal Themselves: An Interview with Gerald W.R. Ward, Curator”

“Ex Nihilo: The Genesis of Classical Proportion” – George Walker

“Adorned with Feathers: A Carving Tutorial” – Al Breed

“The Dominy Shop: New Discoveries: An Interview with Charles F. Hummel”

“Striking a Balance” ­– Freddy Roman

“Distinguishing the Marks of an Artisan” – Martin O’Brien

“Before Our Very Eyes: A Visit to the Yale Furniture Study – Interview with Eric Litke”

“Book Review: Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use” – Zachary Dillinger


Issue Two

“Quiet Grace: An Interview with Chairmakers David and George Sawyer”

“Perfection & Risk: The Making of a Banister-back Chair” – Joshua A. Klein

“Everybody Who Knows ‘Why’ is Dead”  Peter Follansbee

“Dividing the Line: Assessing the Eye of Blue-Collar Geometers” – George Walker

“Decoding the Roman Workbench” – Christopher Schwarz

“Examination of an 18th-Century Drop Leaf Table”

“A Furniture Conservation Primer” – Donald C. Williams

“Fidelity to the Past: An Interview with Zachary Dillinger” – Michael Updegraff

“An Unjustified Mystique: Period Dovetails Up-Close”

“A Case for Cadwalader” – Timothy Garland

“Stories Tools Tell: An Interview with Tool Collector Skip Brack”

“Book Review: Woodworking in Estonia” –  Michael Updegraff


Issue Three

“On Perfection: Both Practical and Practiced” – Jim McConnell

“The Spring Pole Lathe: Design, Construction, & Use” – Joshua A. Klein

“Patterns in Shop Practice” – Garrett Hack

“Essential Human Work: An Interview with Drew Langsner & Kenneth Kortemeier” – Michael Updegraff & Jim McConnell

“Modern Revivalist Toolmaking: What Yesterday’s Tools Can Teach Us Today” – Brendan Bernhardt Gaffney

“Examination of Two Period High Chairs”

“The Best of Both Worlds: Embracing Art in Craft” – Danielle Rose Byrd

“Making a Stand: Form & Function for $1.50” – Michael Updegraff

“On the Trail of Two Cabinetmakers: Reconstructing the Careers of Samuel Wing & Tilly Mead” – Shelley Cathcart & Amy Griffin

“Resurrecting the Derelict: Hard Choices in the Conservation of a Chest” – Joshua A. Klein

“Through a Wilderness of Ornament: Making Sense of 18th-century Pattern Books” – Bill Pavlak

“Book Review: A Field Guide to Identifying Woods in American Antiques & Collectibles” – Vic Tesolin