The Design of “Another Work is Possible”

Earlier this year, graphic designer Adam Spitalny reached out offering to take me under his wing to teach me more about design. It was an easy sell because I had been waiting for just the right person connect with for this very thing. I knew I wanted to grow in these skills, but didn’t know where to begin. Adam and I began working together right away, with our sights set on to refining my workflow and layout strategy. He sensed that I had a clear vision for what I wanted, but saw where I could grow in ways that would enable me to better achieve my aim. With these lessons from Adam I’ve been learning more efficient ways to use the software and developing a stronger sense of design.

This past summer, when I mentioned the book project to Adam, we both agreed that it would be a great opportunity for me to learn to build a new book from the ground up. Adam has been there with me through each phase of the design, but he has pushed me to tackle much of this project myself. It has been an incredible learning experience.

I do appreciate all I’ve learned and the future of the magazine will be stronger for it. But if I am to be honest, each page that received Adam’s thoughtful nip and tuck ended up so much cleaner and more compelling than the way I had done it. He has been able to maintain the big picture vision for cohesiveness and aesthetic hierarchy while at the same time attending to details that I had never even considered.

We’ve worked hard together to make Another Work is Possible a book that is visually arresting. The images of this team at work are powerful, and we wanted to feature them prominently, not merely as inconsequential supplements to the text. This will be a hefty book full of rich images that say almost as much as the writing does.

After agonizing over the manuscript and sending it through many rounds of revision for strengthening, there is no way I could just slap some pictures on each page and send it off. To do this story justice, I was determined to invest just as much energy in the visual presentation.

And we are quite pleased with how it’s come together. But we all have to wait until that ink hits the paper. Soon, friends…


– Joshua


P.s. The bundle with its discounted rate is only available for a few more days – until Friday, January 31st. After that time, the film and book will only be able to be purchased individually.


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