Sign Up for the Issue Six Packing Party!

As you may have seen in our blog post yesterday, our preparations for the release of Issue Six are beginning to pick up steam. If you’ve followed us for any amount of time, you know that with each new issue release comes the Mortise & Tenon Packing Party! Folks from all around come to the shop for a couple days’ worth of working together – we wrap each issue of the magazine in brown paper, apply a trade card with wax seal, and place it into a mailer with fresh pine plane shavings.

The work itself has become almost secondary to these events, honestly – I can’t tell you how much inspiration and enthusiasm we’ve felt by getting to know everyone who’s come out. Besides sharing plenty of food, locally-roasted coffee, and good conversation, each packing party seems to pick up a new tradition or experience that we decide to keep rolling with. From “show and tell” time (Bring your projects! Bring your tools! Bring your books!) to axe throwing to an evening bonfire, it’s truly become the recurring highlight of our year.  

We’ve scheduled the Issue Six Packing Party for March 29th and 30th, at our home base here in Sedgwick, Maine. Send us an email at if you’re interested in joining in. We can’t guarantee everyone a spot, but we’ve found with this event that the more, the merrier. We will be securing accommodations for anyone who is traveling from a distance and needs a place to sleep. Please get in touch! It’s going to be a fun time.



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