Podcast 17 – Another Work is Possible

In this installment of the podcast, Joshua and I discuss the newly released video documentary and book that share the same name – Another Work Is Possible. Both of these resources detail the timber-frame project that took place here at our headquarters in Sedgwick, Maine last August. Thirty five international carpenters brought their axes to hew and raise a frame for a blacksmith shop over 8 days. But this project was about so much more than simply putting up a building.

We cover many of the concepts that Joshua writes about in his book – the idea that manual work can be enjoyed and celebrated, rather than seen as drudgery, and that building with your own two hands (whether it be a piece of furniture, a spoon, or a building) carries with it a deeply human sense of satisfaction. Another work is actually possible – one that engages with the raw materials and the world around us in a profound way.

Mike Updegraff


The Another Work is Possible film and forthcoming book can now be purchased in our store, either individually or as a bundle for a discounted rate until January 31st.


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