Opt for Something Better


It would be no shocker to tell you that this year has been rough for all of us. We’ve been carrying around the emotional weight of looming biological threat, social unrest, and political division for so long that many of us are wearing thin. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know a single person who isn’t struggling with anxiety in the face of so many worldly uncertainties.

There are many possible responses to this trauma. One common response is anger and finger-pointing. Another is fear and despair. And a third is to distract ourselves with the consumption of commodities. For those who find themselves in the latter category, this Friday has its sights set on you.

After a day set apart for gratitude and giving of thanks, our culture invites us to participate in the banquet of the global marketplace. “Come, buy whatever will give you happiness. We offer a special deal for you. There’s no time to think, you must act now.” This Friday, loads of hard-earned cash will be flushed down the drain for the accumulation of earthly trinkets.

But this is no way to lift a heavy heart.

We need the love of one another. And if you’d like to express that love though gift giving, may I suggest that a better way might be to make something with your hands from your heart. Of all years, this year is the time to gift in a deeply personal way. So we encourage you to opt out of Black Friday.

As we’ve done the past few years, we will be shutting down our online store on Black Friday in protest of this frenzied consumerism. We will be on a digital fast all day making Christmas gifts for our loved ones. We call this day “Black-out Friday” for that reason.

So we invite you to join us in opting out of the system this year. Life’s too short and too beautiful to get caught up chasing an abundance of possessions.

–­ Joshua


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