Only a Few Hours Until Issue Two Pre-orders!


Everything is all lined up to begin taking pre-orders starting tonight at midnight (Eastern time). As I’ve been editing through the material for months now, I have been getting more and more excited to get this issue in your hands. The table of contents, frankly, blows me away. How in the world was I able get such top-drawer folks to write such unique and enlightening material for this issue? I never thought I’d be part of a publication along with the names Don Williams, George Walker, Chris Schwarz, Peter Follansbee, Tim Garland, Zach Dillinger, Dave and George Sawyer, Skip Brack, and Michael Updegraff.

As I’ve said before, M&T is simply the magazine I always wanted to read: No ads, no fluff, no surface level recycled material. Just pure pre-industrial furniture and woodworking. This is the stuff that rarely appears in the mainstream woodworking scene.  It’s pure devotion to our furniture heritage: the raw, gritty, real-life woodworking handed down to us from those who have come before.

So get ready, folks. I’m setting my alarm to wake up just before midnight tonight so that I can open pre-orders. Why midnight? No idea. It just makes it that much more fun. Speaking of fun… hmmm. Let’s see… How about the first person who gets their order in wins a free t-shirt, Issue One poster, and both of our stickers? There. Now it’s even more fun. So spread the word. Share this post. Issue Two is on the horizon!

See you all at midnight! Be ready at this page:




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