New T-Shirts and Hoodies: “Craftsmanship is Risk”

Front Design 

To celebrate the release of Issue Two, we are announcing new M&T apparel. One design. Two items.

  1. The hooded sweatshirt is a pre-order only item. From now until February 4th (three weeks), we will be taking these pre-orders ($50) for hoodies. We will order a few more of each size just in case there are issues but after February 4th, there is no guarantee of getting this hoodie. If you want one, it’s now or never. It’s not marketing hype… we just don’t want to store boxes of hoodies.
  2. The t-shirt will be a regular in-stock item for the foreseeable future (just like our last shirt) They’ll be available to purchase when they arrive in February.


Back Design

Now about the design…

It’s not news that the term “workmanship of risk” has made David Pye famous in woodworking circles. The term was coined by Pye in the mid 20th century to describe workmanship that depends on the skill of the maker rather than complex jigs which ensure “perfection”. This is seen mostly clearly in tools like hatchets, chisels, and even to some degree hand planes.

This concept has been passed around woodworking circles for years but what is less known is that Pye developed the term as a definition for the word “craftsmanship”. On page 20 of his Nature and Art of Workmanship, he writes,

“If I must ascribe meaning to the word craftsmanship, I shall say as a first approximation that it means simply workmanship using any kind of technique or apparatus, in which the quality of the result is not predetermined, but depends on the judgment, dexterity, and care which the maker exercises as he works. The essential idea is that the quality of the result is continually at risk during the process of making; and so I shall call this kind of workmanship ‘The Workmanship of Risk’: an uncouth phrase, but at least descriptive.”

We think seeing the essence of craft bound up with the “riskiness” of working with unregulated tools is dead on. There is a lot of skillful workmanship in the world but the one that we at M&T particularly want to celebrate is the one called “craftsmanship”.

This shirt is for those who want to celebrate handcraft and so we wear it with pride to know we are part of a rich tradition of woodworking passed down from our ancestors. We hope you wear this shirt along with us on this journey to relearn how to work with our hands by the sweat of our brow.


100% cotton. Incredibly comfortable and soft vintage feel.

Printed in Alabama by fellow woodworking enthusiast Shannon Brantley ( and @nubthumb). We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from readers about the quality and feel of these shirts. We think you’ll love it too.


You can pre-order your hoodie here.

The T-shirts will be available to order this February.


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