More Ways to Keep in Touch

OK, so we’re working on ways to make our content more easily accessible for our readers. We always have new folks coming in from all sorts of directions who have missed the last few years of updates. They want to know how to get in the M&T loop. If you want all our blog posts to show up in your email inbox (average is one per day, five days per week), we have an email blog subscription:


Or if you’d rather get an every-other-week highlight email, we have our regular mailing list:


Really, if you want to be first in line for all our latest releases and want to get additional behind-the-scenes kind of stuff, you should sign up for the mailing list. We usually release our new products there before anywhere else to give those folks first dibs. We also started an “M&T Table Talk” video series (found only in these emails) in which Mike and I read from and discuss some of our favorite books on craft and life. We see the email list as a much more intimate and individual form of communication than the blaring-the-bullhorn-across-the-social-media-landscape approach. And it’s actually developing into something quite lovely.

New Podcast Page

On a semi-related note, I added a “Podcast” tab to our site’s navigation bar. This makes all our podcast episodes easy to find in one place. If you were looking to share the podcast with a friend, this gives you one easy link. Apparently, people like podcasts. I can’t say I am a die-hard of the format, but if you want to listen to Mike and me talk about how handcraft fits into our lives, that’s the place for it.

Are there other ways you’d like to see M&T content be more navigable or accessible? I’m no coding wiz, but I’ll see what I can do if it helps someone out there. 

– Joshua


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