Merry and Bright

It’s Christmas Eve – the traditional day of cramming to finish those last steps on gifts for friends and family (if you’re a procrastinator), or of sipping a hot cup of coffee or cocoa and settling back to enjoy the magic of the season. (As Joshua and I are of the former variety, we have some work to do today.) It’s a truly unique time when folks on farms in the mountains and folks in city apartments cut down fragrant evergreens, drag them inside, and decorate them with lights and ornaments (green woodworking!). When we gather together by candlelight to sing centuries-old songs whose words should be more deeply contemplated nowadays. When little kids in footie pajamas can’t sleep for the excitement. For many and in many ways, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

We can’t help but reflect on the gratitude we have for you, our readers. Y’all have supported the mission of M&T from the earliest days of wrapping up magazines in the Klein family living room. Now we’re shipping books and magazines all over the world, but we’re still just as delighted to hear from individuals who have some unique tool discovery or furniture project to share. Whether it’s here in the blog, via email, or over at the Daily Dispatch, sharing knowledge and excitement about handcraft is what this thing is all about.

So… Thank you all. We hope your Christmas season is full of joy, your giving is brimming with satisfaction, and your halls are thoroughly decked with boughs of holly. And we can’t wait for 2022.


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