Last Call for “Back to the Bench” Discount

After this weekend, the $9 discount code for our latest course Back to the Bench: Restoring & Using Heritage Tools will expire. This code is available to all subscribers of the M&T Daily Dispatch. If you’re already signed up for the Dispatch, you will find the code under the “Membership” tab. If you want to try out a one-month trial ($5), you will also receive your code in our “Welcome” note. Thanks for your support, everyone!

Mike and I have been getting notes from very happy customers – and we love it when that happens. From the looks of it, there are lots of old tools getting back in working order now after years of neglect. One customer (Michael O.) said, “All I can say is that this is the best $40 I have ever spent on any woodworking videos. The clarity of the explanations, the great videos themselves and the usefulness of the information are all just excellent. Great job, Joshua and Mike. Looking forward to watching the numerous remaining videos. Thank you for your good work.” 

We’ve seen the instruction that’s out there for this topic, and we wanted to come up with the most helpful and comprehensive guide for restoring vintage tools possible. We did not hold back at all and ended up with more than 12 hours of instruction, not to mention all of the PDFs and other resources. If you’ve wanted to restore an old handplane or to learn the art of saw sharpening or saw plate straightening, you cannot go wrong for $40. We also cover hammers, chisels, axes, drawknives, marking gauges, vises, and more.

So, now’s the time to get that $9-off discount code. The offer expires after the weekend.

You can sign up for lifetime access to this new course here.



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