Issue Two Sponsorship  – 2+ Weeks to Sign Up

With the full table of contents for Issue Two now announced we are taking on new sponsors. We are proud to have just about every sponsor from Issue One sign on again for Issue Two. The sponsorship deal is the same as last time: it is basically a mutual endorsement between M&T and its partners. We’ve decided to keep the cost the same low price to ensure that all the small cottage businesses that are doing amazing work can afford to join in. There is no hierarchy to the list. Everyone pays the same and the listing is alphabetical.

The sponsorship directory is published in the back of each issue as well as on the website until the next issue is released. Simple and straight forward just the way we like it.

If your business shares our vision to celebrate historic furniture making, drop us a note at for more information. You’ve got until November 1st to sign up. And check out our current sponsors on the website… I pinch myself every time I see that list.


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