Issue Two Posters Now Available

In anticipation of Issue Two being only weeks away from arrival, we added Issue Two cover posters to our offerings. This detail shot of the banister-back chair featured in in this upcoming issue is important in my mind because it shows up close the tolerances found in period work. It’s a fascinating juncture between the turned elements, split banisters, and planed lower back rail. This photo was shot before I finished this piece and so it highlights the irregularities and textures inherent in the handcraft process.

These posters are same size and cost as last time ($15) and are definitely a “while supplies last” kind of thing. (We still have some the half-off Issue One posters left if you want one of those too.) I expect them to be in stock for at least a little while but no promises about how long exactly. When they’re gone they’re gone. If you would be bummed to have missed out, I would recommend putting in an order sooner than later.

You can order the new poster here.


p.s. Just heard from the printer that the cover was on press today! In only a few weeks we’ll be seeing that truck full of pallets!


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