Issue Three Has Arrived!

Mike and I met the freight driver this afternoon to receive our Issue Three delivery! After unloading and stacking thousands upon thousands of copies into our storage facility, Mike and I plopped down on the ground and silently flipped through our copies. After a few minutes of quiet, we turned to each other and asked the obvious question, “What do you think?”

We discussed the elements we spent time fussing over during the designing process. We nitpicked here and there but rejoiced to find no surprises. It turned out exactly as we envisioned it would. The nature of uncoated paper always seems a bit unpredictable so when it turns out as you’d hoped, it brings a sigh of relief.

This Friday, we begin wrapping and shipping it out. Your copy is on its way soon.

If you haven’t yet pre-ordered, you still have tonight to get in your order with free domestic shipping. Starting tomorrow morning shipping will be $5.00 and the magazines won’t come wrapped. Now's the time, folks! This is a great one!

- Joshua


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