Issue Five: Book Recommendation – Chinnery’s “Oak Furniture”

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For the Issue Five book recommendation, we reached out to Derek Olson, hand-tool enthusiast and avid reader of woodworking literature. When we asked Derek to write a recommendation of one of the furniture books that has most inspired him, his first answer was Victor Chinnery’s Oak Furniture: The British Tradition.

First printed in 1979, Oak Furniture details everything from guild history to the craftsman’s work context to hundreds of pages of examples of pre-industrial work from many regions and influences. In this recommendation, Olson explains that this book has influenced many modern makers, though each has pulled something unique out of it. Derek says this book is a “furniture making Rorschach test, with different people divining individual inspiration based on who they are and why they’re looking.”


Olson praises the book for its extensive coverage and tells us he is encouraged that this “allows Chinnery to give up something new every time I crack the cover.”

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