Issue Five: Apartment Woodworking with Spencer Nelson

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Spencer Nelson learned to build furniture in a space 4-1/2’ by 4-1/2’ in his New York City apartment building. Tired of the hassle of traveling to maker spaces, Spencer set up shop between his kitchen and living room to practice cutting dovetails, chopping mortises, and resawing boards throughout his day doing computer programming.

Spencer’s made quite a variety of furniture of all shapes and sizes. Record cabinet? Easy. Coffee table? No problem - he just used the refrigerator as a planing stop. Learning to see limitations as strengths, Spencer’s navigated his way through Japanese woodworking with the help of his mentor, Yann Giguère of Mokuchi Studio.

We met up with Spencer in his Seattle-based shop to talk about how his new space (still small by American standards) compared to his first Brooklyn apartment shop. Spencer shared with us practical tips for successfully working in such tight quarters but even more than this, his story is an inspiration to those who think their circumstances prevent them from doing real work. 

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- Joshua


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