Issue Five: A Journey into Japanese Woodworking by Kim Choy

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10,000 Hours: A Journey into Japanese Woodworking
by Kim Choy

Every woodworking journey begins with a step. But setting out in pursuit of 10,000 hours spent mastering the craft can be a daunting task, especially when taking on that challenge by focusing on a rigorous traditional system while living in a crowded city-state of 6 million people.

In M&T Issue Five, author Kim Choy says, "Singapore is a country where land is scarce." He writes about his early struggles setting up a temporary shop in a hallway, abandoning his preconceived notions from Western tradition in moving towards a more minimalist approach, selecting quality tools from a sea of inferior copies - but his biggest challenge was seeking and finding wise guidance as he began exploring the ancient, complex world of Japanese woodworking. Kim shares his frustrations in unravelling the mysteries of the Japanese plane, the triumphs of finally understanding proper sharpening technique, and the awe of learning from Japanese master craftsmen as he dove deeper into the art.

This article is an eye-opening journey into a rich woodworking heritage, and we think it will inspire our readers to broaden their horizons and seek the knowledge and tremendous insight that can be learned from craft traditions the world over.

Pre-orders for Issue Five open tomorrow morning!


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