Issue 8 T.O.C. – “Subversive Woodwright: An Interview with Roy Underhill”

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Subversive Woodwright: An Interview with Roy Underhill

For 40 years, audiences from around the world have received their first taste of hand-tool woodworking from one source – Roy Underhill, star of “The Woodwright’s Shop,” author of many books, first master housewright at Colonial Williamsburg, and instructor at The Woodwright’s School. For those who have seen him on TV or heard him in person, Underhill is a living legend.

Joshua and Mike had the opportunity to spend a few days visiting Roy at his home in North Carolina (a renovated cotton mill), sitting in on a class at his school, and talking about a wide range of topics. For Issue Eight, we’ll share the conversation, covering Roy’s background, the future of hand tools, his thoughts on environmental and social concerns, and the practical uses of dynamite for everyday projects. Part hilarious, part poignant, all worthwhile – this is a discussion you won’t want to miss.


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