Issue 8 T.O.C. – “A Sense of Place” Amy Umbel

Today we begin a blog series revealing the table of contents of upcoming Issue Eight. As is our custom, we’ll be discussing one article per weekday in order to give you a taste of what is come. 

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A Sense of Place” Amy Umbel 

In an age when the old connection to local craft tradition, long passed down through families and generations, has been set aside in favor of mobility and the modern value of specialization, is it possible to find our way back?

In Issue Eight, author, maker, and artisan Amy Umbel shares her journey to find her craft heritage. From seeking to answer difficult questions of culture and identity, to exploring craft traditions in Sweden, Australia, and the Pacific Northwest, Umbel returns to her own roots in the enigmatic quilt patterns and brook-trout-laden streams of western Pennsylvania.

Knowing local materials and how they were used; knowing why certain plants,  colors, or patterns were valued in folk art tradition; and understanding the deep “sense of place” that our ancestors felt with the land are insights that easily evade our grasp today – but, as Umbel finds, they might provide exactly what is missing in our relationship to our work.


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