Issue 13 T.O.C. – “Engaging Work: Selections on Craftsmanship & the Modern World”

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“Engaging Work: Selections on Craftsmanship & the Modern World”

In ancient times, the practice of skill was considered a form of wisdom. This is a good concept to keep in mind for the hand-tool woodworker, as “being wise” to the tools and materials we use and growing in this knowledge are vital to honing our craft.

In Issue Thirteen, editor Joshua A. Klein has compiled and arranged a series of insights from historic literature that exemplifies this kind of holistic approach. Drawing on more recent authors like William Coperthwaite and Ivan Illich, Klein follows the thread back through Henry David Thoreau, G.K. Chesterton, and even Ben Sira, a 3rd-century B.C. Jewish scribe. Through the shared thoughts of these and other writers, a picture emerges of the value and innate humanness found in changing the world with our own hands. This compilation is sure to inspire. 

“[T]he acquisition of skills, the fidelity to a daily discipline, the broadening of sensibility, the profound interaction of human beings, and the preservation and development of tradition. . . . These traits we may bring together under the heading of engagement. The good life, then, is one of engagement.” – Albert Borgmann

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