Issue 11 T.O.C. – Examination of an Early 19th-century Chest of Drawers

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Examination of an Early 19th-century Chest of Drawers

Heirloom furniture carries with it stories and memories that create an intangible value far greater than what a price tag might say. In Issue Eleven, we will take a look at such a piece, a New England chest of drawers that dates from the first half of the 19th century.

Though a simple, vernacular piece, this chest features a well-executed degree of workmanship and skillful construction. The bookmatched walnut veneer and fine dovetails of the drawers add a touch of elegance, while the decorative apron and backboard offer both style and practicality. Traversing fore plane marks, layout lines, saw overcuts, and other tool marks on secondary surfaces provide insight into the workflow of the maker. As always, we will be examining this piece inside and out to learn what we can from it while appreciating the beauty and efficiency of hand-tool work.


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