Issue 10 T.O.C. – W. Patrick Edwards – “The Past for the Future”

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W. Patrick Edwards – “The Past for the Future: Reflections on 50 Years as a Furniture Conservator”


“In my workshop above the door is my motto: “Ici nous sauvons le passé pour le futur,” which translates as, “Here we save the past for the future.”” After half a century of repairing and conserving period furniture, author Patrick Edwards has learned some valuable lessons. In Issue Ten, he will share some of those lessons with us.

Edwards began his work in antique furniture after abandoning a promising career in physics research, having been compelled by the beautifully sustainable nature of objects made by human power and lasting generations. This he contrasts with the ever-increasing energy consumption of the industrial model and the toxic effects of such growth (including the proliferation of nuclear power, his former field of study). 

From thoughtful research into the speed and efficiency of period work, to tremendous insights gained through the contemplation of a most humble furniture element (the glue block), Edwards puts forth his case for the value of preserving not only antique furniture, but the skills and mindset that are necessary to build sustainably by hand for the future of this world.

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