Issue 10 T.O.C. – Examination of a William & Mary Gateleg Table (1715-1740)

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Examination of a William & Mary Gateleg Table (1715-1740)


The beauty of a piece of furniture changes and deepens over the centuries. Wear and tear create patina, repairs give character, and the steady use of generations offers an intangible sense of connectedness to the past. In Issue Ten, we examine an early-18th century gateleg table that has stories to tell. 

We will look this piece over inside and out, noting interesting tool marks, layout lines, and modifications made over the centuries. As is typical of every piece we’ve examined, there are mysteries to uncover here, and clues about how the table was made to be deciphered. Still in daily use after 300 years, this table’s history contains many chapters yet to be written.

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