Issue 07 T.O.C. - Partnership with Nature: An Interview with Peter Lamb

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Partnership with Nature: An Interview with Peter Lamb

“Each handcrafted object is an accumulation of thousands of minute decisions by the maker that give soul to a piece. The look, the smell, and especially the feel of a handmade item is an unconscious gift from its maker to me.” - Peter Lamb

Peter Lamb is a lifelong student of craft living in southern Maine. From a young age, he became inspired by the old tools that surrounded him, kindling within him a desire to work with his hands. Through a life of exploring numerous trades and craft traditions around the world, Lamb has approached his work with a uniquely humane perspective.


Mike and Joshua recently spent a day with Lamb in his inspiring shop space to learn about his experiences. From exploring Bhutan with Bill Coperthwaite, to learning the subtleties of working with natural materials, to the feasibility of earning a living today in handcraft, this conversation gives us all serious food for thought.

Peter Lamb has a voice no one can afford to miss out on, and we are overjoyed to bring you his stirring message of hope through communal handcraft.

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