Indebted and Grateful

Wow. Thank you, readers. So many of you have clearly been excited about this next installment of M&T. Some of you were even crazy enough to stay up late or set your alarm to put in your order at midnight - the moment Issue Two came up for sale! What dedication! Thank you for your enthusiasm.

Then, all day as I’ve been finishing up my last day teaching the SAPFM group in Atlanta, orders have been pouring in. There truly is a growing desire for understanding better and celebrating woodworking handcraft.

I will be getting on a plane tomorrow morning to head out of Atlanta to kiss my wife and boys and sit down to dinner with them. The trip here has been absolutely wonderful. The group treated me so well and it was rewarding to watch their projects come together so beautifully. The whole way home tomorrow I will be thinking about how blessed I am to have the job I do. I love digging deep into our craft heritage to turn it around to share with you. Thank you for supporting this work, readers. Truly, every one of your purchases helps makes this possible. I am indebted and grateful.

I am right now in the design phase of this upcoming issue and then the files go out the printer. Please spread the word: M&T Issue Two is available for pre-order!


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