Facilitating the Discussion


A quick note: 

Because the number one goal of having this blog here is to facilitate conversation and sharing ideas, we’ve changed over the clunky built-in commenting system to a new platform. It’s called “Disqus”. Now, you will be able to comment at the bottom of each post using your Google, Facebook, Disqus or Twitter accounts. But you don’t even need to login if you don’t want to. You can comment without any account. 

The point of this switch is to make commenting easier, more helpful and more enjoyable. It’s got one of the most essential features of a commenting system: being able to nest a reply to a specific comment. This I am very excited about because it will make reading the conversations a whole lot easier.

Also (really cool), If you want to receive a notification when we reply to your comment, you can take a few seconds to sign up for a Disqus account. 

Nothing is perfect, but this is pretty darn close. I am looking forward to continuing the conversation about pre-industrial hand crafted furniture. 

Go ahead, try it out. Comment below with some thoughts about why you love handmade furniture…

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