Eden Makes a Bow and Arrow with Stone Tools

My oldest boy, Eden, loves experimental archaeology. After the occasional primitive technology video binge, he heads outside to living it out in our woods. Ever since Mike and I started making videos for M&T, Eden’s been asking to make his own instructional videos. A month or so ago, we had a spur of the moment inspiration and Eden demonstrated how he’s been making his own bow and arrows with stone tools he shaped himself. This video is no joke. I had no part in this at all except filming. I actually didn’t even know he was getting this involved in this stuff. It’s pretty neat to see an eight-year-old come up with this stuff on his own. I also adore this video because his little long-haired-hippie brother tags along the whole time, just like every other of the week. They are a sweet team.

Without further ado, here is Eden Klein teaching us how he makes bow and arrows.

P.s. Please forgive the quiet audio - I wasn’t prepared at all for this shoot. You'll have to turn it up.

- Joshua


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